Hotels in Lublin



Hotel Europa, is an older hotel located near Old Town and is right of the historical Plac Litewski. It is about a 20 minute walk to the university and has superior service.

The Grand Hotel, is perhaps one of the best hotels Lublin has to offer but the price will match that service. It has an interesting wartime history. It is also located off Plac Litewski and will be about a 20 minute walk to the university.

Hotel Mlyn is located .8 km away from the university. Ten rooms are available until the end of July


Hotel Huzar, is located a short kilometer away from the university and offers simple, yet adequate, services at a good price.


Lublin also has some hostels to select from.

The Folk Hostel, is about a 25 minute walk from the university and is located near the Old Town of the city. The rooms are comfortable and well priced, however they currently only have rooms for multiple guests available.

The Cent Hostel, is 11 minutes away from the university and is well reviewed. To secure a booking here you will need to pay 50% of the booking free.

For additional hotels and hostels in the city please see here.

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